Werk Haynrode

Haynrode plant

The Haynrode plant in Thuringia is the home of Gestamp Griwe Haynrode GmbH
and Gestamp Griwe Hot Stamping GmbH. Here too, we manufacture innovate products
for the automotive industry utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Take a peek at our manufacturing facilities:


Press Shop (Cold forming)

Werk Haynrode
  • Presses ranging from 250 tons to 1600 tons capacity
  • Manufacturing of forming and extraction parts via transfer or follow-on compound


Hot forming lines

Werk Haynrode
Werk Haynrode
  • Manufacturing of structural and auto body components, made
    of high-strength coated and non-coated materials



Press line

Werk Haynrode
  • Cutting and forming presses for high-strength materials