Mit Know-how und Leidenschaft an die Spitze

Rising to the top through Know-how and passion

Within just a few years, the GRIWE-Group evolved from a manufacturer of solid stamp-,
extraction- and press parts to one of the most innovate suppliers to the automotive industry.
This dynamic growth is the result of our extraordinary/excellent know-how in engineering
and manufacturing in the areas of metal forming and welding- and assembly technology.
Following is an overview of the most important milestones:

1979   Founding of Griesemer GmbH in Westerburg
1991   Acquisition of GRIWE Werkzeug Produtions GmbH in Haynrode, Thuringia
1994   Organisational Restructuring:
    GRIWE Innovative Umformtechnik GmbH in Westerburg-Sainscheid
    GRIWE Werkzeug Produktions GmbH in Haynrode
    GRIWE System Produktions GmbH in Haynrode
2001   Merger with GESTAMP-Group, Spain
2004   Introduction of GRIWE Produktions-System
2004   Introduction Warm Forming
2007   GM Global Supplier of the Year
2007   Volkswagen Group Award 2007
2007   Automotive Lean Award: "Best Practice Lean Start-up"
2007   State Award for Excellence in Quality
2007   Factory of the Year, Winner in the category: "Distinguished Parts Supplier"
2008   Admitted to TOP F.A.Z. - program