Westerburg plant

The Westerburg/Westerwald site is also home to our headquarters, housing management,
technology center and engineering department. It is here where innovative ideas are turned
into products ready for mass production, an important contributing factor for worldwide mobility.

Take a peek at our manufacturing facilities:


Large Press

Werk Westerburg
Manufacturer Erfurt

Type EMP 1600 transfer press

Capacity 1600 tons

Material feed per conveyer belt or plate loader, as needed

Parts various forming and extraction parts


Werk Westerburg
Manufacturer SERRA Soldadura, Spain

Type Welding Robot

Welding method MAG and mid-frequency-resistance welding

Parts Bumper beams for BMW 3-er series

Fuel tank strip assembly

Werk Westerburg
Manufacturer GMS

Type Fully automated fuel tank strip assembly

Welding method Resistance welding

Parts Fuel tank strip incl. clamp for gas hose

Training Workshops

Werk Westerburg

At present we are training 9 apprentices in the fields of  tools mechanic (specialty: pressing techniques) and mechatronics. Starting September, we will add an additional 3 apprentices. We also have 4  commercial/administrative trainees.